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Opening Doors exists to help older and vulnerable people and those living with disability or sensory impairment to retain their independence.

We do this by enabling people to get out and about and enjoy social and leisure activities with the assistance of a volunteer.

Our volunteers accompany our service users on a one-to-one basis to help them get to where they want to go to. Outings usually last between two and three hours and can include visits to gardens, markets, theatre, shopping and garden Events...centres as well as supported visits to the hospital, doctor, dentist etc.

Where clients would like a regular volunteer befriender, we will try to match up individuals based on mutual interests.

The scheme currently supports over 70 service users with the help of a dedicated team of 20 active and loyal volunteers. Up to 500 outings are arranged each year and we also organise group events, such as lunches and tea parties, several times a year where service users, volunteers and guests get together, as well as group outings.

Our service acts as a social lifeline to many clients who due to a combination of ill health, lack of confidence and no access to transport, can find their ties with the community becoming increasingly severed. Carolyn Stoner & OD memberTo make an enquiry about using the service, please click here

“When I first had to retire because of illness, I thought my world had become smaller. You literally ‘open a door’ for me.”

To arrange an outing or for more information about Opening Doors, please contact Christine or Jen on 01423 813090 or email

Click here to find out more about becoming a volunteer befriender with Opening Doors.



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