A seed and plant swap event organised by Oatlands Community Group has raised £154.66 for HELP.

The ‘Oaticulture’ event was held at St Mark’s Church, Harrogate on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd April alongside the group’s regular TUKI monthly fundraising café and knitting group. These events are initiatives of Oatlands Community Group, which was set up by local residents in 2016 to develop a stronger sense of community among local people.

The plant and seed swap event takes place twice a year and is aimed at bringing local people together to either exchange or receive plants and seeds, in return for a donation to charity. The next Oaticulture event will take place in October 2016 at St Mark’s  church.

In the meantime,  plants are available from the Saints Plant School on the corner of St Helens’ Road/Hookstone Road, Harrogate for a minimum donation of £1. All proceeds will be donated to HELP, to support their work assisting local older and vulnerable people to remain living independently within their own homes.